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"According to US reports, the Federal Communications Commission will allow a fast lane for data-heavy services when new rules are published in May.

If true it would undermine the net neutrality principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally…

It would mean that ISPs such as Comcast and Verizon would be able to charge companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney or Google different amount for priority services.

The reports claim that although ISPs would be prohibited from blocking or discriminating against online content, they would be able to strike special deals as long as they acted in a commercially reasonable manner.

Increasingly the biggest US ISPs are keen to charge for data-hungry services such as Netflix, and ISP Verizon recently won a court case in which it successfully challenged the FCC’s right to stop it.”


What has it been like playing this darker version of Dean (in season 9)?

Personally it’s been fun. To be honest, from the very beginning of the series, I always enjoyed Dean’s comedic aspects and the humor in which he was portrayed, and whenever the situation got heavy or emotional, there was always a bit of levity that Dean was able to bring to the situation. And I really feel like he’s been stripped of all that this year. He’s going through something that he hasn’t had to deal with before. It’s heavy, and he’s not able to find that lighter side in himself. As an actor, personally, after playing the character so much, to not being able to lighten it up, it’s new territory. It’s been dark in Dean’s world for a while, and I’m hoping that someone will open up a window soon. (x)

Ummm so maybe THIS is why we’re all so angsty and depressed as fans this season! Jensen hit it right on the mark here. We have almost NO comedic moments from him anymore and this season highlights how integral dean’s personality is to making the show great. It’s not just that the brothers are fighting and Cas is who the fuck knows where (seriously, the writers don’t even know most of the time). It’s that Dean and his personality are integral to a good show and we enjoy. It something doesn’t get resolved with the mark of Cain at the end of this season and if Misha isn’t renewed for the next, I seriously bet they are going to lose a lot of viewers.

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But yeah, for the record, I think Fitz is getting amazing character moments and developments and opportunities to really stretch himself in various ways - this is a guy who didn’t even want to go in to the field in the first place. And he’s proven himself more than capable. And now, we’re seeing…


This is so cheesy but…I couldn’t help myself.

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 Greg Lestrade + character tropes

I love LESTRADE and my iPhone does too (bc for some weird reason it always autocorrects to capitalize the whole name)

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the greatest thing you’ll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return

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my bird shredding some paper



I’m just staring in disbelief about how cute this is


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I don’t want to get prematurely excited here but I’m gonna go ahead and get prematurely excited here.

Um, so.

I’ve been biting my nails all season because of Dean’s “Who do you love?” arc. As much as I want Destiel, I have been waiting in horrified anticipation for a pretty badass girl to make…

I need Destiel more than I need air, but there is something that has been gnawing at me for a while now.


Badass. Who was in unrequited love with the Winchesters’ grandfather. Has chemistry with Dean. Somehow was able to follow Henry’s blood magic to the future. 

I’m afraid what will happen if Abaddon vacates her and she takes over the Men of Letters. It would be such a sneaky way of introducing a female love interest for Dean.

I’ve wondered about that too. But remember back when we had Meg version 1.0? She fell off the building while possessed, and so once “Meg” left the vessel, the girl died. Josie’s head has literally been cut off and stored away from her body. I don’t think she’ll survive if Abaddon leaves her body.

But they basically restored her entire body from scratch in 9x02 after she was burned, so I don’t think the current vessel is broken at all. Hence, I have trepidation.

Also, the scenes with Abaddon sandwiched the one with Dean laying on the picnic table (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCjY8_NHy6w), which was an omen I don’t like. They might not want to kill off Josie because they like the actress (and I do too), but I hope she’s not end game, because that would suck.

I really, really hate the idea of Josie being with Dean as his endgame. I want Cas to be his endgame, and not only because I ship them. It just makes sense to me. They share the deepest connection on the show, apart from Dean and Sam’s brotherly connection.

I want the writers to make a gay couple out of Dean and Cas, because the entirety of their characters (gasp) actually aren’t a cacophony of gay stereotypes. If they don’t take this opportunity, they’re missing a HUGE chance to become a show that’s remembered for breaking down these walls. They’ll just become another show where the writers were too afraid to do anything other than “imply”.

Oh, me too. So, so much. For so many reasons. They have the chance of making such an important statement and put themselves in the history books, and squandering that would be such a waste. If they want people to remember Supernatural 20 years from now, they need to take the step.

EXACTLY. Holy crap, I was just explaining that to someone the other day. It’s like that show The Jeffersons, where they were the first to show a black/white couple on television. Iconic. The show itself was just a standard sitcom, but that one factor cemented its place in television history, and I would LOVE for Supernatural to do the same thing.

I’m not worried about Josie as a love interest for DEAN. I’ve been saying for a while that she would be the perfect love interest for Sam (assuming they can’t contrive a way to get Jess back, since Jess is still my first choice for that role). A while ago I was writing out what I thought would be the ideal endgame romance for Sam, and I wrote something like, “A Woman of Letters… librarian type… loves to research… but a hunter too, because she has to understand their life…” And after “Mother’s Little Helper,” the first thing I thought was that Josie would be PERFECT. I absolutely think she could (and if we’re lucky, may!) be a great love interest. But I don’t see why they’d aim her at Dean. She’s just too perfect for Sam.

Because Dean’s endgame seems to be romantic love whereas Sam’s isn’t, necessarily. Sam could basically end up with anyone requiring very little build up.

Abaddon has had more interaction with Dean, and the scene in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o04weWlGZF0 has some definite antithetic parallels with the crypt scene. It’s like a reversal. Anyway, no one hopes it means nothing more than I do!

Ah, but Sam’s been trying for an apple-pie life since the pilot and Jess. Amelia was another stab at that life. I really feel like Sam wants to wind up with a woman and a dog at some point. But it can’t be a woman like Amelia, who doesn’t know anything about the supernatural. (I still hope for Jess, but she’d have to learn all about the hunting life too.) Josie would be perfect— she’s smart and she really loved the little taste of hunting she got.

Abaddon has had more interaction with Dean, but it’s Sam who knows all about Josie’s back story. I really think she’d fit Sam far better than Dean. But of course I’m biased in a Destiel direction *shrugs*. We’ll see, but I do think that in all our (quite reasonable) anxiety about female characters becoming love interests for Dean and suddenly undercutting Destiel as an endgame, we forget that Sam needs a romantic endgame, too. At least I’d sure like to see him have one!


"It’s Samantha now, Dean.”

a lil bit of gender-switching charm for Christmas? On the hunt the witch wanted to have some fun with our boys.
And of course Sammy would be fabulously owning the place like- Well damn, Samantha. [x] [x]

Ummm and you know that Dean would totally want to jump fem!Cas’ bones like right then and would probably have no problem doing it in a female body

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someone who worked at ajax has literally waited 66 years for you to get this

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Can I be really honest? I’m so tired of all the filler episodes and lack of Cas that I don’t even really want to watch next week’s episode. There have been SO MANY FREAKING fillers this season that I’m tired of them. Like, I was super psyched to see Jody back this week, but why couldn’t she have been brought in on an A or B arch episode?

This season feels like it was simply the first half of one huge season. Maybe that’s what they are doing since next season is the last one? This is just set up for season 10 when all the real action will happen? Because seriously, the fillers are barely even interesting or scary anymore. None of them got a 10 like “Changing Channels” or “French Mistake” or “Bad Day at Black Rock” (that one has such funny scenes okay?!).

I don’t want to pick a fight, but SPN has always been full of “fillers”. o.o The concept of the show is an on-the-road-show with monsters-of-the-week. In season 4 and 5 it was a bit less MotW and a bit more season arc, but aside from that? Season 1 is almost only ‘fillers’.

And since a lot of people like those fillers more than the season arcs it’s a good mix I think.

I totally feel you on that and you’re right (also, you’re totally not picking a fight, just engaging in discussion! :) They’ve just gradually shifted more and more to the overarching plots over the years and developed the show far past the “monster of the day” plots. What’s frustrating is that the fillers that we see now for the most part aren’t “monsters of the day” with the boys trying to figure out what’s going on, but instead it’s the same monsters over and over and we all already know how to kill them and hunt them and etc. That’s what I enjoyed about “Sharp Teeth” and “The Purge” - they had totally new monsters and myths. Although “Sharp Teeth” was still werewolves again, the Norse mythology that they brought in was something very new (and I wish it had been MORE about that to be quite honest) and “The Purge” had a new and ethnic monster that was scary looking, but complex. That’s what I want to see more of in the filler episodes, new stuff to keep me interested. There are SO many myths, legends, and monsters in different cultures that the show hasn’t even touched on that would be terrific to see flushed out in the fillers. For instance, based off of last week’s episode, we know that griffins exist, wouldn’t it be cool to see one and/or if it’s evil or good? Next week is ALL the same monsters we’ve seen, just in a different locale.